Through this award, We intend to show case the capacity & creativity of aspiring designers and architects from our country to the global community.
Our mission is to re-invent the connection between people and the space they live in, towards a better perspective using latest technology.

Home Design Awards (HDA 2021) is an online innovative design competition to honor the best talent in architecture & design industry. We aim to raise the bar in design by setting new benchmarks of excellence in architecture and design practices. Post pandemic, the world is seeing tremendous change in method & practices in all industries, including architecture.

Home design is as important as the home itself and the people who live in. Design can influence the lifestyle and culture to a major extent. Architecture can guide the future of humanity, and can solve problems to make life easier.

Home Design Awards aims to identify the best problem solvers and reward them for their contribution, thereby making the public aware of the need of good design. The combination of good designers and a well aware public could make life better.